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Survey for Cancer Champions

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Types of Champion Activities/Engagement

For each of the activities listed below, please indicate whether you would be interested in getting involved in this Answer Cancer activity at some point in the coming 12 months. You are not committing to anything specific here – we just want to know what you think you might be interested in getting involved in.

Public Events (e.g. stalls, shopping centres, GP surgeries)

This involves engaging with the general public and handing out Answer Cancer information about the importance of screening and early diagnosis. You will be supported as needed at public events by one of our Engagement Team.

Talking at Answer Cancer awareness raising sessions (e.g. in the community/workplaces)

This could either be something that you participate in alongside one of our Engagement Team, or something that you deliver independently if you feel confident doing so.

Taking part in campaigns (e.g. helping Answer Cancer to create photos, videos and case studies)

This could be sharing personal experience of cancer or cancer services (from diagnosis, treatment, support and after care) to help promote our messages.

Attending Answer Cancer Networking sessions (e.g. face2face or online)

These sessions are opportunities to meet other cancer champions (individuals and groups), share ideas and inspire individual and collective action on a regular basis (times and locations to be decided by group members).

Sharing Answer Cancer social media content (e.g. sharing posts, sharing messages)

Media Work (e.g. podcasts, quotes for press/radio stories, interviews)

These opportunities might include being interviewed on radio, newspapers/news bulletins or creating videos of your own or with others.

Sharing personal experiences

This could include speaking at community events or being interviewed on radio, TV or podcasts.

Other Activities

Are there any other Answer Cancer activities that you would like to get involved in during the next 12 months, or any that you are already planning? Please give details here.


Please indicate below when you are usually most likely to be available for getting involved in Answer Cancer activities.


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